So my wife bought something from Costco the other week that she was really excited for. It was a snack food item called Smucker’s Goober.

This item is peanut butter and strawberry jam in a single jar. I had heard of this from the 70’s and 80’s, but never tried it. Which is really very odd since I grew up during that time when snack foods were heavily processed and my mother actively brought home many of the iterations of food products for us to consume. I was always more partial to orange marmalade and honey vs jelly and jams.

As pretty as it looked, I was unimpressed by the taste and texture. My wife was also a bit disappointed and assured me that the grape jelly flavor is superior. I don’t doubt that. But grape jelly is not one of the flavors we ever have stocked in our home even if it’s not pre-mixed with peanut butter. My wife prefers raspberry or mixed berry jam and I’ll eat strawberry jam on occasion.

Perhaps we will try the grape/pb Goober one day. Or that may end up being that special treat that we will have in our pantry as we get older and are closer to retiring. Like when we eventually get An RV To Travel it would make sense to minimize how much stuff you have.

Have you tried Goober? Is the grape flavor better, the same, or worse than strawberry?

Let me know in the comments while I go and make a goober sandwich.


  1. Jill Halasz · February 6

    Omg flashback to my childhood, although i never tried it either!

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  2. Mentalhealthandmusicals · February 6

    I feel like I had something similar to this as a kid but I can’t remember p!

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