No Soliciting

Surfing the internet or social media- there are advertisements galore. Most of us just skip over them. I also find that if a site has an abundance of ads or they take over too much of what I want to see- I abandon it and never return.

If I have to sign up for something online and need to use my email, I do my best to “Opt out” of promotional emails. I will also UNSUBSCRIBE as quick as possible if I screw it up.

Today someone rang my doorbell. Apparently they can’t read the sign next to it. They were trying to sell me a service of lawn care for the upcoming spring season. I pointed out that I have a small lawn and am not interested. They were trying to assure me that it was a “Free Estimate.” I said no and shut the door.

I get irritated by pushy salespeople. How about you? How do you deal with aggressive advertising? Let me know in the comments.

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