28:06:42:12 again

Almost my birthday! In exactly 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. Every year I post this exact time frame on my Instagram. Many people don’t realize that I use it as a countdown to my birthday.

My daughter one year noticed that I post the numbers every year and made me a Fan Art of the film. Her style reflects the film perfectly. Donnie Darko is a psychological thriller with a twist. First time I saw it, I was blown away. I have rewatched it a few times and picked up little subtleties along the way. I don’t like to discuss films like this unless people have already seen them. It’s not good to ruin the experience.

But as I near my next revolution around the sun, I appreciate what I have and that the folks nearest and dearest to me are there for me when I need it. And many will now realize why I post that series of numbers every year on this date.

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