Not Political- But An Apology Nonetheless

In true Canadian fashion- Sorry world for the behavior of a few noisy people.

I’m not the sort of person who shares political opinions publicly. I just don’t bother to get into arguments of who’s side is right or wrong.

However, I have not and will not support the “Freedom Convoy” group. I am embarrassed that there are people who are doing such acts with a delusion that they are supported by a majority. Stop this idiocy. And who in their right mind would support the disruption of trade during a time that is already difficult?

I am 100% in support of vaccines and measures put in place to help keep the general public healthy and safe. Science bitch.

Again, sorry to the rest of the world for the behavior of the few. And what the hell? White supremacy groups in Canada are alive and well it seems. That is appalling after everything that everyone else has been fighting to remove.

Don’t bother to engage me in an argument to prove these terrorist blockades are good. You have nazis on your side. And telling me that it’s “only a handful” isn’t going to cut it.

Rant over. Go home.

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