Skinflint Supper

All my life I have been very conscious of my spending. I’m not always good as saving money, but I do my best. Shopping is a lot of what’s on sale and price matching.

If I choose to eat fast food, which is maybe twice a month, I will order from the value menu or use coupons. Last night I order some McDonald’s using the app. And I saved big time. (No, I am not sponsored by the Golden Arches, nor do I really consider it a healthy food choice.)

My total should have been $10.58 plus tax. Instead I paid $1.05 after taxes for my order. That’s because the app gave me a coupon for a $1 burger which I used. But because I generally use the app to order food (I find the accuracy of my order has increased) I am now gaining “Points”. So I used some points and got a free large fries. I felt really proud of myself for such a good deal.

However it got me thinking… since it was so cheap does that mean I can get an extra day of fast food this month? The other question that arises is, what is the dollar amount that would constitute a “meal” because clearly spending one dollar isn’t it in my mind.

For now, as I try and sleep after a night shift, I’ll just let the stomach pains tell me it was a bad idea- and that twice a month for junk fast food is more than enough- no matter the cost.

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