No More Masks

As of 12:01 this morning, BC had lifted the mask mandate. There are mixed reviews on this decision- as can be read hear from the local News: Mask Reaction.

Personally, I will still carry a bag of disposable masks in my car. I honestly feel it will depend on the situation and location as to whether I should wear one or not. For example, this morning I have been out shopping to three different stores. I’ve been wearing a mask and probably 75% of people are as well.

Just because the government says we don’t need to wear a mask, doesn’t mean we should accept that Covid is over. Far from it. Perhaps though, people and businesses will be more forgiving if people take sick days. No need to come to work and spread a cold or flu in the upcoming years.

We should also make it normal that folks wear masks by choice if they are getting over being sick. Much like the Asian communities. No one treats people poorly for choosing to mask up in places like Hong Kong or Japan.

If mask mandates return, I would hope that folks be receptive to the idea, and not be idiotic as some anti-maskers/ anti-vaxxers have been.

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  1. Rebekkah Lenora · March 17, 2022

    I’ve always thought that personal choice about wearing a mask is important, but I do agree with you with regard to folks not spreading “regular” cold and flu germs! ha. It’s nice that there has been more consideration and thoughtfulness in some ways.

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