It’s Just Stuff

Sometimes shit happens. There’s no need to get angry over it. Especially if it was unintentional and completely by accident.

Yesterday evening, my coworker struck my car as he was leaving the parking lot. He drives a raised truck and his back tire rubbed loudly against my bumper as he pulled out of his parking spot. I was in the parking lot at the time and my initial reaction to him was as expected. “What the hell dude!?”

He felt awful. After plenty of apologizing while I inspected what had happened, I told him not to worry. It didn’t look like and damage was done. No dents or scratches were immediately visible. Just rubber had been well, rubbed on.

The next morning, he arrived early and was cleaning my bumper before I left work. There was still two large streaks that he was unable to get off and he was sure it had gone through the paint. He offered to pay for the damages. I told him we would talk later. I got home and took out some ultra fine grit automotive sand paper that I have (for my 3d printing) and gave it some gentle swirls. It all came off and I gave it a quick wipe. Unless you know this happened (I guess most of you know now!) it’s hardly noticeable. As if I cleaned a bit too well on the one spot.

I sent the picture of the spotless corner to my coworker. He was relieved and continued to apologize. I know that it sucks when something happens by accident. But in all seriousness- it’s just stuff. My car is nearly six years old now. It has chips and scratches from just normal driving. I do appreciate his efforts in trying to clean the marks off, as well as his sincerity of the incident.

Things like this happen. It’s just how we react that can change the outcome. I could’ve yelled and screamed. But that would not solve anything and create a rift in our working relationship and environment. Instead we can joke about it and move on.

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