Pantry Organization For Average People

My wife and I have been at odds over how to keep the pantry organized. I put things in the way I like it, and she re-arranges it to how she likes it. In the end, I have to concede and like it the way she likes it.

My way of organizing was so that I could see the stuff I wanted to mostly use at eye level… for my height. My wife wants things to be at “normal” eye level. It’s not my fault that genetics made me over two meters tall at six foot eight inches. Currently in our household I am still the tallest.

My wife and I have often made meals together. I guess now, she’s the one who has to get the items from “eye level” and I get the things from the upper shelves. Most of the stuff is at her height because that how she likes it.

I will say I do like the organization of items. I guess that’s a popular thing to do these days- take stuff out of packages and put it into new containers. In the end, if my wife is happy, then I’ll be content with the organizational style.

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