Window Seat

In our home we have large windows that overlook the backyard and the fields beyond. Usually I’m standing up and staring off. Recently we added a cushion to the window seat in our master bedroom. Yesterday afternoon I took advantage of it and lay down, watching the clouds roll by.

This evening is an entirely different view. Storm clouds are rolling in. The thunder has tumbled a couple of times. What I thought was rain, turned out to be a mix of snow and hail falling down. A harsh change in weather is coming in quickly. I get to enjoy it from the comfort of my window seat.

Being able to watch the outside world and see the sky has been absolutely entrancing to me over the last few months of living here. I never realized how much of the world we were missing being surrounded by trees in our last home. Mind you, that was wonderful for different reasons. Specifically the privacy and shade we were offered.

But this window seat brings me joy. I can stretch out on it and fully embrace the view. Do you stare out the window during storms or watch the sunset and clouds? Or am I alone at embracing the beauty of the world that we normally take for granted…

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