Rare Rant- Cyclists

I don’t tend to use my blog to vent or rant. I do my best to share stories of positivity and happiness. But today…. Today I am frustrated.

Working in North Vancouver, there is a lot of cyclists to tend with. This city has even removed aspect of the road and created “Bike Lanes.” Which is great- in theory. But that doesn’t seem good enough for people on bicycles.

I was stuck driving behind a group of them that decided the bike lane wasn’t worthy of their usage. It wasn’t like there was a Tour De France going on. Just a group of five individuals out on a Sunday ride taking up the driving lane in an obnoxious manner.

A short time later I was going through a green light to turn left. A lone cyclist decided that stopping for a red light was not important. I jammed on my brakes and found the horn rather quickly. Since I was in a work vehicle, my middle finger was non functional, as was my colourful vocabulary.

Lastly, driving down a hill there was a couple of teenagers deciding that doing tricks as they run down the hill is acceptable- especially going into the oncoming lane forcing drivers to be extra vigilant about their actions.

I wish that rules were enforced to cyclists they way the road rules are enforced on drivers. But alas, instead we just have to deal with their entitlement and hope to not kill one of them with our cars.

End of rant. Tomorrow I will be more pleasant.

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