A Mutual Thursday

I don’t normally work on a Thursday. But I did a “mutual” exchange of work days with a coworker. It benefited us both. She received an extra day for her vacation and I will get Sunday off for my Anniversary. We are having friends over on Saturday to party, so Sunday will be just for us.

Anyhow, I’m not used to working on a Thursday. People were surprised to see me and very confused. It totally effed with my “chi”. To make matters worse, nothing was going right at work. It felt as though I was behind the 8 ball trying to dig my way out. Frustrating to say the least for nearly 12 hours. And then it was over.

So I came home.

Originally I was hoping to head into Vancouver to see a performance by an old friend of mine. But I was so drained, that my social skills were completely voided. I had to just get home and recharge. I hardly remember the drive home as I was on autopilot. I wish I could have supported my friend at his performance. Perhaps next time.

But now I’m home and about to have a true 3 Day Weekend. I’m off work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Then only two days of work and an eleven day vacation. I need this. I deserve this. I am tired. But I am happy.

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