Free Coffee Table

I did something the other day that I said I wouldn’t do anymore. I picked up a piece of furniture from the side of the road.

We had been recently shopping around for a new coffee table. We wanted something small and oval shaped. This one fit the bill perfectly. I did a quick inspection before tossing it in my car. Glass was clear- no chips or scratches. The legs were chrome, but very pitted and rusted; and the wood was pealing. Nothing a little TLC couldn’t take care of.

I took the whole table apart, sanded the legs and wood. Then I stained the wood a light colour followed by a clear coat. I was unable to save the chrome legs, so I used a Rustoleum spray pant and made them a sand colour. The entire process to update the table took about 2 hours.

Finished table is lighter in colour and suits our decor now. I am happy with how quick it was to refurbish the table. Plus it saved us money- about $100. Not too shabby.

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