October Is Rolling Along

It seems like just yesterday that the kids went back to school. Yet here we are- a month later and it feels like they have been going forever. Which I am totally okay with.

Now we are a few days into October. I see many homes getting festive with Halloween decorations. I love it. I’m also hoping that the weather stays on this side of winter a while longer. Especially at Halloween. It is always nicer to be just a tad bit chilly vs wet and cold.

As October rolls along, I think about previous Halloweens with my family. I also think about the one about to arrive. I love the idea of costumes and fun with the family. As well as seeing the other costumes of children and even friends who like to dress up.

As I mentioned the other day, getting myself into the mood for fun definitely means cheesy horror. I love that I received some more suggestions for bad films to watch. I even rediscovered some in my searches that I forgot about or haven’t seen in years. There’s just something about the campiness of those films that is really entertaining.

Soon the nights will be longer and the house will need to be warmed up. But in the meantime, I am enjoying the hot daylight hours we are getting- even though I know October will be over as quickly as it arrived. Then it will be onto winter and coziness.

For now, it’s time to enjoy what we have going on. No need to rush through October.

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