Family Kindness

My mother surprised me this week. She called me last weekend and asked if she could come for a visit before the weather turns. She drives from Cambell River on Vancouver Island and it takes a while to get here. Normally if she comes, she brings her friend along for the ride. That friend of hers is the mother of my oldest friend William. This time around, my mother came down by herself. Along with Jodie- her puppy.

The visit was more of a surprise by what my mother did for me- not her time coming out. My mother reads my blogs on a daily basis and I wrote something that got her thinking. She kindly brought me a gift that prompted my memories.

My mother brought over the ruby and gold glasses I had mentioned in Dad’s Ruby And Gold blog. I was taken aback by the gesture from my mother. She told me she would rather that she gave them to me before her passing than after. That way I could enjoy the glasses for longer. It was really kind of her to do this.

I sometimes forget that my family reads my blogs. I also don’t realize that what I write can affect others in a positive manner. Which can positively impact me as well. I love sharing my memories and stories and my biggest hope with the majority of my blogs is to promote positivity. I guess it does.

Thanks Moira for the kind gift. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

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