Memorize No More

I read a quote today that made me realize the world has changed in order to make us lazier.

Growing up, I memorized numerous phone numbers and locations. I still remember my old phone numbers from the last four houses I have lived in. Most times people say their phone numbers in a singsong manner. 3-3-4 or 3-4. But our last home phone number, I used to mess around and caused a bit of chaos in telling people.

  • 533-4833
  • 888-1046
  • 533-8248
  • 8-5678-02

One phone number I remember clearly was the one my father had gotten for a side hustle that he had started in the early 90’s. The secondary line in our home was 882-8822. When his business was no more, I ended up adapting that number for myself as a teenager. I had my own phone and answering machine. Too cool for school.

Nowadays I know both my number and my wife’s number off by heart. I have no idea what my kid’s cellphone numbers are or any other family members. I don’t even know my work phone numbers. That’s because everything is saved under Contacts in my phone. I even add addresses which means I don’t need to care about how to get places. The same thing is in my navigation in my car.

I don’t need to think anymore. Just announce out loud, “Hey Siri- call…” and that’s it. No need to even scroll to find the name and number once it’s saved. Convenient and lazy. Just like automatic windows and locks in a car. And cameras, and heated seats… too many things we take for granted.

Heck, I could dictate a blog if I wanted one day. Maybe I’ll try that and see how it goes.

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