Avoiding Chips

My wife and I have always been potato chip eaters. Every weekend was a bag or two. When my wife and I first met- she always had a bag of regular Lay’s Potato Chips and Diet Grapefruit soda (Diete Pamplemousse).

Of course we have had other snacks over the years. From charcuterie boards to mozzarella sticks. But chips… man those are pure evil. A bag doesn’t stand a chance once it’s opened.

Today my wife made a snack plate for us. Goat cheese, avocado, pickled peppers, cream cheese, tomatoes in sliced baguette- much healthier choices for us. and very tasty!

I appreciate that my wife made us an afternoon snack. She put in more work than I would have- I mean last weekend I opened a bag of ripple chips and dip. That was the extent of my ability to bring a snack to the table. I think my wife wins in the snack department.

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