Calm Halloween

Today was a very quiet Halloween. Nothing extraordinary happened. We decorated the front yard for the night and bought 150 candies to give away. We hardly had that many kids come down the hill to receive their treats.

My wife and I sat out front with the fire pit on and gave out the candy. I dressed as Johnny Depp’s character from Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. The fire pit kept me warm as I was wearing shorts and summer shirts. My wife wore her Halloween leggings and kept warm beside me.

Our 18 year old and 16 year old had some friends over. They got dressed up and hit the streets for some candy of their own. When they returned- we had two batches of chili ready for them to enjoy after their walk around the neighborhood. All of our children’s friends are extremely polite and really kind. I enjoyed the conversations with them.

My wife and I wound down our night watching fireworks from our bedroom window. After almost two hours of explosions, my wife went to sleep and I decided to watch some Twilight Zone. Even as the show played- the fireworks continued throughout Surrey.

I love Halloween. Yet the vibe continues to change and evolve. I’m still having fun throughout the years- albeit a bit calmer allowing others to share and entertain. And yes, the fireworks are still going…

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