Finding New Social Media(s)

Since before Elon’s purchase, heck even before Trump’s presidency, I was rarely using Twitter. I started strong and thought it was a fantastic forum of ideas, news source, and quick status updates. But after a couple of years, I shied away and discovered that I really enjoyed Instagram better.

I do have a Facebook account, which I open periodically throughout the day. Not much going on in that world. I’ve joined LinkedIn, Discord, TikTok, I even joined Google+ way back when and thought it had potential. I was wrong. Those Google Hangouts were more annoying than they should have been. I have a MySpace account lost in the ether someplace as well.

Over the past few days I have noticed a trend in people going to other platforms as they abandon Twitter. First I heard about Mastodon. A few days ago I heard about Hive Social. So I created an account for each. Honestly, all of the social media accounts are starting to look very similar in fashion.

Feel free to search me out on either platform. I have gone with the user name JoeyWanKenobi this time around. I will continue to have the majority of my social media use to be on Instagram. But it’s neat to see other platforms.

Who knows, maybe the time will come when people get tired of social media and will want to meet up in person once more…and not just for a hashtag or instagrammable moment. Until then, can’t we all just get along?

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