Finding The Perfect Birthday Gift For Lee-Anne

Another birthday for my wife has approached. As a good husband, I tried my best to be attentive to what she wanted as a potential gift. So a couple months ago I set out in search of the perfect gift.

Turned out that around three weeks ago I noticed a friend online creating and making some neat resin products. Not quite what I wanted, but I figured I’d reach out anyway. Turned out to be a good decision.

My friend mostly makes charcuterie boards with resin and just recently was playing with wood as well. I asked if they would be able to make a bathtub tray for me out of natural wood. She was excited to try this out for me.

She made it out of a three foot piece of walnut. It gave her a chance to try out some new tools and techniques that were offered at MakerCube. This is where she has been working on her business. I love the care and attention she put into making this for me. Before work, I left the gift on the kitchen island for my wife to find.

A couple of hours later, my wife sent me a photo of the new tray on her bathtub along with three red heart emojis. It was a perfect fit across the tub- she even tried out the slot for her kindle.

Needless to say, I think I did pretty good for listening to what she wanted and delivering. I really appreciate my friend for all the work she did for me as well. If you want a beautiful charcuterie board or anything else from rein or wood slabs and love to support the local small businesses- check out Resin For The Home.

Thank you again to Eliza for making this beautiful piece for us. It really made Lee-Anne’s Birthday.

And of course:

Happy Birthday Lee-Anne! I love you.

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