Festive Themed Horror Humor

Just like the month of October, I am enjoying some outlandish horror films based around the Christmas season. I’m not quite able to make myself watch one every day, but I have been watching them on my days off.

As can be expected- the films I’m watching are pretty budget. The Nutcracker Massacre was set in one house and the Villain (A life size Nutcracker) had two facial expressions. Neither had the mouth wide open like a real nutcracker, so that was disappointing.

Elves was another set in basically one house and a bar. The acting was that of a bunch of college friends trying to make a film. But no one read the script or took acting classes. The best part was the silly Snap Chat special effects on their faces. And even better was that one of them mentions it almost exactly like that in the film.

I have a few more bad movies in my queue to watch. Like really bad. Weredeer comes to mind right away.

I think it’s fun to watch these schlock films. I figure if people put forth the effort to make them, others should make the effort to watch the films.

Even if they are really bad.

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