Sea To Sky By Rail

This afternoon I took advantage of the sunny day and hopped on with a train crew that was leaving North Vancouver and heading into Squamish. A part of my role as a supervisor is to take train rides and focus on safety. The crew I was with was great and we had many in depth discussions throughout the afternoon.

I like to get out in the field and do these rides. Normally, I just stay in the yard with our switch crews, so it was good for me to get out on our mainline. The Squamish Subdivision is one of the most beautiful in North America. With views of mountains, lakes and the ocean as you travel by rail.

Rocky Mountaineer

Lucky for those of us who work here, we get the opportunity to appreciate it. If you ever want to experience it in more luxurious style, check out The Rocky Mountaineer: Rainforest to Goldrush. This is by far one of the best series of views that you could imagine seeing some of the nicest parts of British Columbia.

For me, it’s moments like today that I really appreciate my job and the experiences I have gotten to enjoy because of it. Not every day is a good one mind you- work is work. But getting out there and being personable with the crews is great way to keep up with the professional relationships between us. Specifically when it comes to safety.

Those beautiful views are not so bad either.

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