Since I became a teenager I always had a touch of dandruff. As a teen- it sucked. Getting older I kind of dealt with it by using Head and Shoulders shampoo periodically m. Which was fine as I also used other regular shampoos when not needing it.

In June 2021, we moved to our new home-away from well water into using city water. Suddenly I found my scalp itchy and flaky far more often. I originally associated it with the pool and thought maybe the chemicals were causing it. But in these winter months, it seems like my dandruff is worse and the itch of my scalp is far more frequent.

I figured it was time to start using something stronger and almost medicated in order to alleviate the itch and flakes. So I am trying out Nizoral for the next while. From reviews of the product, I think this will be a good choice in trying to clean up my condition. I will follow the directions and see what happens over the next couple of months. I don’t like having dandruff.

If any of you have had issues with dandruff or similar skin issues, let me know if you have tried this product or possibly have a different remedy. I will post a follow up in a couple of months with my opinion on how well this works. Stay tuned.

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