Faucet Bubbles

This evening I changed out the aerator to the faucet in my bathroom sink. The other day I had noticed the faucet water wasn’t running very fast. Just coming out in a stream.

The water was still running, but just didn’t seem as strong as it once was. I figured it was the aerator since that’s the piece that usually clogs. Last night I removed it, but damaged it in the process.

No aerator makes for a messy spray out of the tap. So I needed to get a new part pretty quick. A stop at the hardware store and buying a new end to the tap was surprisingly easy. It seems most faucets use a standard size and style.

Now my tap is doing that neat thing where the water seems to come out smoothly and with a little bit of bubbles to make it feel soft. I guess that why it’s called an aerator. Now my water feels gentle and happy again.

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