Recently I had to change apps that I was using to write my blogs. I was prompted by the WordPress app to do so before March 8th. So I did it the other day to be ahead of the game.

I was a bit leery at first to delete my WordPress app. But I did. And just like the notification stated- Everything is right where I left it. That was a relief. In fact the app was almost identical to the previous one. With one exception- it runs smoother.

That in itself is great. Things were a little buggy over the last while. My guess is that is why they created an all new application to launch. I had just gotten used to the issues and worked through it all. But for now, I won’t have to.

I’m going to take some time to explore Jetpack and see what is different about it. But most likely the way I use the app, not much will change. Maybe I’ll update my pages to something different.

Change can be good. It keeps life fresh.

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