Nest Slum Lord

The other day I went under our deck in order to see if there are any maintenance items I would need to address this spring. Besides some weeds, and blackberry bushes attempting to grow, everything looks good- maybe a bit of green to wash off the wood was all.

The one thing I did notice was a bunch of bird nests lined up like row homes along the support beam. All of them are west facing towards the fields behind our yard. I feel like we are a bird sanctuary slum lord.

Hopefully in the spring some new birds come to roost in these pre-owned nests. I don’t really want to remove them since birds will attempt to make a nest somewhere else that I don’t want. I’d love to put out birdseed for them, but I also don’t want rodents hanging about.

For now it’s just some shelter for our future tenants. I’m too cheap to add paint or update the appliances, so I can keep the rent “cheap”.

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