Rug Wars

Back in February a group of fellow tufters got together and we voted on the theme for Rug Wars. The category that won was “Acid/Trippy”. So the idea behind the competition is that we had the month of March to design and finish a rug. It had to be original and entered by March 31st. Throughout April people will vote on rugs and by the end there will be a winner announced.

Here is my entry:

I went with an idea that reminded me of my youth and the psychedelic themes of the 90’s. Back then it was popular to see tv shows about the unknown, aliens, ufos, etc… like X-Files. Not to mention my own experiences with trippy activities and mind bending realities.

The competition is a friendly one. No prize to be won. Mostly I want to get recognition from my fellow tufters and see what others had in store for their entries. Once the competition begins, I’ll share the link and hope that my friends and readers will vote me up!

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