Back Into My Hobby

After a couple of weeks off this month, I’m happy to be back into making rugs. Besides making a rug for the Rug Wars I wasn’t sure what to make next. I was at a loss for the last few days. So I went to look at my yarn. The blue called out to me.

I decided to make a Spiny Shell aka Blue Shell from Mario Kart. I needed to get myself back on top. Taking a short break was good for me. I felt like I was pushing too hard to make rugs since I started. Slowing down and taking my time to figure out my next designs helped in not burning out and hating my hobby.

I still plan on doing a rug each week, but I may not use my large frame for a bit, unless there are rugs on request. Doing one at a time is more my pace. After trimming this weekend, I’ll take a few days to decide on my next rug.

Maybe my yarn will speak to me again. Huh, I though my last rug was trippy and hallucination inspired…

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