Today I went through a second bout of physiotherapy. My first appointment was on Thursday. I went in on a whim to get an assessment done.

Most of my life I have had lower back pain. My wife wanted me to do something about it- besides complain. So I booked a visit up the road from us and was able to get in right away. No more procrastination.

Immediately they started treatment for my back. Using an ultrasound, massage therapy and electro therapy- they had an assortment of healing techniques. After two sessions, I’m feeling a lot better but I know I have a long way to go.

My biggest issue is the fact that I have untreated scoliosis. Growing up, doctors were more focused on my lungs and my breathing. My back was never getting the attention it deserved. As an adult, it’s time for me to take matter into my own hands. I’m starting with exercises given to me by the physiotherapist and going in for a couple appointments each week.

I don’t know if my back pain will ever disappear, but having the pain lessen would be ideal. Only time will tell.

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