Simon Says

Life is full of expectations and rules. If you follow along, you’ll be a functioning part of society. Not to mention the repetition of your actions are required to do this.

  • Simon says go to work
  • Simon says pay your bills
  • Simon says get a good sleep
  • Simon says eat healthy
  • Simon says exercise
  • Simon says mind your manners
  • Simon says stay in your lane
  • Simon says watch tv
  • Simon says be a part of society
  • Simon says a lot of things…

We all do a lot of what Simon says. Depending on your random journey through life, Simon directs you to be the best you can be. Honestly, that’s okay with me. Because sometimes you need to start over and are not sure where to go. So Simon helps you out.

Getting married? Simon says find a mate, Simon says get a venue, Simon says throw a party, stay happliy married. Simon didn’t say that.

Having kids? Simon says get pregnant, Simon says keep them healthy, Simon says educate them, control their feeling and emotions. Simon didn’t say that.

Wanting to do more than what Simon says is what we all strive for. Being successful, popular, wealthy, or even happy are never what Simon says. But those can be the byproduct of doing what is expected of you.

Simon says go on with your life.

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