Bare Minimum Monday

The definition of “Bare Minimum Monday” means that you are intentionally starting your week slow, that you are not going to tackle any major tasks, and only do the bare minimum tasks required of you for your job. This is made to help with anxiety of getting overworked.

Not every Monday needs to be like this. But I do like the idea that you start the work week activities at a slower pace. Jumping head first into daunting tasks can be overwhelming. That sort of work ethic isn’t for everybody. So do what’s right for you.

Sometimes I feel like I could be doing less at work because I see my coworkers doing less. Other times I feel I am not doing enough- again because I see some coworkers doing more. Honestly, it’s a balancing act of being proud of the work I do and not burning myself out. In the end, my Mondays are naturally slower than the rest of my week. Sometimes even the Bare Minimum is hard to achieve because of circumstances.

Have you heard of Bare Minimum Monday?

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