Round 2:Rug Wars

Rugs Wars officially started yesterday. And with the help of my friends and people who genuinely liked my rug- I made it into round two. Thank you for the votes!

With only a few hours remaining, I’m not sure I’ll make it into the next set of rounds. On both pages, I’m just not doing as well as yesterday. In fact, I am only at 39% on both.

Obviously I’d like to be getting further on in the Rug War. However, I have seen some great rug designs out there and I know that I would have a tough time competing further on.

If you’d like to vote for my rug prior to end of day, go to the following two links and cast for my Alien design (the top one).

First link: RugsByLess

Second link: Shellula

Be sure and vote on both stories to help me along! I’d appreciate it.

Even if I don’t get too far, I had fun getting involved in the challenge.

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