Battle Over- But Carrying On

Unfortunately my position in the rug making competition is over. Having made it to the second round was honestly further than I expected to get. I also don’t think I would have made it much past that anyways after seeing some of the entries. Those artists have some crazy good skills.

I have been following numerous rug makers now for a while and have seen massive talent in the art form. I only began in January, so I know there is plenty of growth still remaining in my skill set. The ones remaining in the competition have been at it for a year or two now and have garnered quite the following.

That being said, the followers on my Instagram feed increased by 25% since I entered the competition. None of them being bots either. I also received numerous compliments on my rug entry as well as previous rugs. That makes me feel good. It’s a very welcoming and encouraging experience.

I also have a few more rug requests that have come my way. So I will be onto making those over the next few weeks. Stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I am making next!

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