Strolling Along

Today my wife and I went out for a couple of strolls. We got lucky and missed the rain. Our first walk was immediately after the water fell so there was some puddles and mud to avoid.

The air was brisk in the afternoon as we crossed over Highway One and wandered around Tynehead Regional Park. Prior to our nature walk, we did a quick loop around the Pacific Academy and got some stunning photos. Our afternoon jaunt consisted of about six kilometers in total.

After dinner, we walked around our neighborhood. Tonight was more peaceful than usual; probably because of the long weekend. We did spot an owl near the park and paused for a moment to watch it. The owl had a very impressive wingspan as it took off from its perch.

At the end of the day, we walked about ten kilometers. With so much to see in our new neighborhood, I’m glad to be getting out more often. Something about going for a walk clears your soul.

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