Expanding Social Media Presence

The other day my wife suggested that I add a Facebook Page for my rug making. I haven’t created a Facebook Page since the last time I created one for this blog. I hadn’t really thought of making one, so I’m glad I did. My new page was created in order to share more of my hobby in one place, which really is a good idea.

I’d appreciate it if my friends and followers would head over to Facebook to “Like and Follow” Tuftleupagus. The link is Here: Tuftleupagus . Currently on the page I have some pictures of rugs that have been made. I will post more of my “work in progress” as time goes on.

Perhaps if I end up at a craft fair or show, I will share that as well. Mostly my Facebook Page will be a sharing of my Instagram photos and stories for those who prefer that social media platform.

Thanks again to my friends for their continued support! I appreciate everyone for their kind words and likes.

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