Sakura Skies

This morning started with a monsoon of a downpour. Roads were treacherous, my wipers were going full force, and I was white knuckle driving the entire way home.

Later in the day, the sun and wind swept away the rain clouds. I woke up from my slumber and went for a half hour walk with my wife. The sun was warm on my face, but the wind reminded me that it’s still not summer yet. The chill was a tad bit too cool, but the walk was pleasant. Seeing the cherry blossoms in our neighborhood come to life always makes me happy.

I can see why people paint images of Sakura trees with a blue sky background. It’s a beautiful contrast. I have a feeling tomorrow will be another beautiful day, hopefully filled with more blues skies and less clouds. If that’s the case, I’ll be walking the neighborhood once more and taking a bunch of pictures. Heck, maybe it will inspire me to do a painting again!

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