Nighttime Frogs

Spring is one of the noisiest times outside our home- especially at night. Sometimes it’s the neighborhood dogs, sometimes it’s the coyotes. But lately, it’s the frogs.

I swear these critters are having parties every night once the sun goes down. I had no idea frogs were nocturnal. Our last couple of homes didn’t have frogs living nearby. Although at our last house- you could hear pigs squealing at night which is unnerving. (Kermit and Piggy reference in there somewhere.)

I swear these frogs know exactly when I need to fall asleep. It’s like they start screaming louder or use a megaphone to enhance their mating calls. A part of me is hoping the coyotes in the back are using these sounds to hunt them. Or even the owls. Maybe then the noises will diminish.

I’m not really complaining. Nature is beautiful and I love the views from our home. Even those croaks are turning into my own white noise. Perfect for falling asleep to.

At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself until it’s real.

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