I Keep Making Rugs

Four months into my hobby and I’m still at it. Not only that, but I’m really enjoying it still! I have set aside my free time to work on each rug. My wife says I’m getting better, which I agree for the most part. She also says I’m getting faster at completing them. That’s good too.

This week I made a few Studio Ghibli rugs. One was for my wife, but then she decided she wanted two of them! I also made a Winnipeg Jets rug for a coworker. As well, I made a couple more wrist rugs for your desk. Perfect under a keyboard.

I have one more tug to finish this week, but I am out of free time. So it will carry over to next week to complete. I’m also gathering images and ideas for next week’s tufting. Let’s just say it will be seasonal themed. And not this season!

If you want a rug, feel free to DM me and we can talk prices. Shipping is something I haven’t yet looked into, so if it’s anywhere out of the way- I’ll have to get a price quote as well. Locally, we can arrange something.

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