Today is 420. A day that people assigned (for whatever reason) to celebrate marijuana. Originally this date was used as a way to protest pit being illegal. But since so many places have legalized marijuana, it’s just another day to celebrate. Kind of like a version of St. Patrick’s Day or Cinco De Mayo only not alcohol based.

I don’t partake in smoking pot. But I respect the idea for others to enjoy it. I honestly think it’s one of those activities that is a good way to unwind and is less harmful to the body and mind. Obviously marijuana can impede your judgment and skill sets. I never recommend operating a car or machinery when high, that’s for sure.

The idea of psychedelics is inspiring me to be more creative in my rug making. I have found the colours and designs have been fun to mix and make. Much like pot, making rugs is zen-like for me.

So if you smoke or enjoy marijuana in other ways- I hope you have a great 420.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

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