Making Rugs For Halloween/Christmas. Already??

That’s right. This week I started on making some festive rugs for Halloween and Christmas. My wife suggested I make some for a craft fair that she thinks I should sign up for. That craft fair is called Nightmare Before Christmas Market and it is held in October. But they need submissions before May for anyone who wants to be a seller.

So I created some rugs with that theme in mind. Later this week I will trim a couple of them up so that I can submit some pictures of these. I will also submit pictures of my other rugs for variety.

For me- making rugs isn’t done to be a another source of income for us. Any rugs that I have sold have been to coworkers and friends at just above cost- that’s because I’m enjoying this new hobby. Having a bit of extra spending cash in the holiday season will be alright as well. But mostly I am making rugs because I am enjoying it. I worry that if I start to turn it into work as a “side gig” I may not enjoy it as much.

After these rugs, I have an ambitious rug planned for May before the weather really gets too nice. Stay tuned to see what I have in store. Feel free to reach out if you want a rug made as well. So far everyone has been really happy with what I’ve created. That makes me feel great. And if I get into this Christmas Market, I’m sure I’ll be happy when I sell some rugs.

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