Nizoral Update

Back in February I wrote about my neverending battle with dandruff. Read about it here: Dandruff. I decided to try a product I had not used previously. Here is my update after a couple of months usage.

Quick description on the product- Nizoral comes in a small bottle. The directions were to use a dime sized amount daily for two weeks then only once every two weeks. Easy to wash in, smells nice as well. The truth is that this shampoo has helped prevent itchy and flaky scalp. My hair has also gotten softer and looks healthier.

I’m extremely happy with the results. I cannot express my satisfaction enough with how well this product worked. I’m no longer constantly scratching my head or brushing dandruff off my shoulders. So if you need to try a product for your dry and flaky scalp- buy Nizoral.

No, I’m not sponsored. Just happy to share my results and opinion.

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