A New Car!

Ok, it’s new to us. We purchased a Toyota Corolla on Saturday morning. The car is from 2005 and was hardly driven.

75501 kilometers on this car. It was driven by an older lady who is related to some friends of ours. They were looking to sell it since she doesn’t drive anymore. We picked up the car for $4000.

It’s the perfect car for our kids to use this summer and into next year for the school and skating season. It’s even “old lady champagne coloured” with hubcaps and non-tinted windows. Not a flashy car, but a reliable one nonetheless.

The previous owner even through in a 2008 map book and and “The Club” for us. Since the stereo is a basic am/fm cd player- there is no touchscreen or Bluetooth. That should keep the kids less distracted for the time being.

I’m not going to lie, I may use this car periodically to go to work. It is better on gas than my current car. It boasts 5.3L-7.1L /100km. My Rogue is 7.1L-9.5L /100km. Honestly, the car is nothing special to write home about, but here I am giving it a raving review! A good commuter car for our kids to utilize as they begin to drive themselves more frequently.

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