Driving Test

Our youngest went for his driving test today. He has had his learner’s license for about a year now. My wife and I had been allowing him to drive quite frequently in order to get some practice in. Both of us have different styles of teaching how to drive. Our son likes both, just not at the same time. Completely understandable.

We also paid for three lessons in the month leading to his exam. We did this in order for him to polish up the skills required in order to get his New Drivers License. The instructor was good and gave some great feedback on what Theory needed to work on.

Prior to the exam, I took Theory out for about an hour or so of driving. I told him I wasn’t going to critique anything he was doing, nor was I going to tell him what he missed or was doing wrong- if anything. I just wanted him to be comfortable behind the wheel. He admitted to being extremely nervous. Completely natural given that this is one of those skills that will last a lifetime.

I had to wait for him while he went out to take the test. Since it was a nice day, The road test is at a former accident claim center where there is nothing to do. So I sat outside in the shade and pre-wrote this blog. After about 15 minutes on the road with the instructor, they returned.

Update: He did it! He now has a five year license!

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