Dusty Driving

At work we drive some dirty roads. Lately there has been no rain, so dust has been kicked up exponentially. There are times when I’m driving those roads that a huge cloud comes up behind me. It’s so thick that you can’t see anything at all.

Our work vehicle also has no air conditioning, so I keep the windows open while driving. When I stop, the dust catches up and fills the inside of the suv. If I put on the air vents, it just blows more dust around. When I close the trunk, the dust flies off the hatchback and covers me in dirt. I’m blowing out black snot these days because of it.

I’m really hoping for some rain this week to help combat this. My work also has some plans to prevent the dust from getting kicked up. There will be some sort of vegetable oil sprayed within the next few days to keep it down.

Maybe then I won’t feel like I’m driving in a Mad Max environment.

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