Carpet and Pets

Our home has very little in the way of carpets. Which is both good and bad.

It’s good because the wood floor is easy to keep clean especially with dog hair running rampant. We just need to sweep or vacuum regularly to remove the hairs and dirt. A light wash every so often and the floors look amazing. This type of flooring is so much better for my allergies.

For carpet- we have our media room and the main hallway upstairs. Over the weekend we finally bought a carpet cleaner… after living here for almost 14 years… I’ve borrowed carpet cleaners from friends and rented a Rug Doctor a few times in the past. But with Covid still around- it was time to just buy one for ourselves. Thank you Amazon and next day delivery!

Our hallway looks so much better and smells a ton better as well. The carpet cleaner really pulled out the pet smell from the floors. I don’t like carpet for the fact that it collects dust and allergens. But I like the softness under my feet. Maybe I can fall in love with carpet once more.

Which do you prefer hardwood, tile or carpet?

I’m On The Pot Again

I’ve fallen into a nightly routine ever since a new dog showed up in our home. Yes, we have officially adopted her. We are changing her name from Scarlet to Maki. Because she is such a goofball. Take a look:

Anyways, a new dog in the house is causing me issues. I have been suffering from allergies. So Much so, that I have resorted to using a Neti Pot once again.

I tried for the first few days to take allergy medicine in order to cope. But it wasn’t working. As well, my coworkers were thinking I was sick. During a time of Covid- it’s not good to be sniffing. The Neti Pot is my answer. It has been helping my nasal passages. I can breath better after each flush.

It’s not like those Seasonal Allergies that cause suffering because of flowers and pollen. These allergies are from a cute puppers that needs love, and I cannot help but give her rubs. So I’m back on the pot. And it’s helping.

Allergic to Friday

My day off was completely wasted on a bunch of nothingness. Sure I played about two hours of video games with my wife this morning. Afterwards I helped the kids with some yardwork for about thirty minutes before the weather turned. I also dyed my daughter’s hair for her. But that was it.

Allergies kicked my butt today. Probably due to the change in air pressure and the rain mixing with pollen. But I had all these ideas to make some tasty treats while the weather was poor. Instead I took some allergy medicine and promptly went to bed. For a few hours…

Now I’m awake and it’s almost dinner time. My wife will be done working shortly and she’ll ask what I did all day. I can’t lie to her… because she works from home and knows exactly what I did today. It’s a silly game having her ask me that question. Honestly, I’m just unmotivated and will be looking forward to going back to bed tonight- hoping that my allergies will be better tomorrow.

Oh, and sorry about the “Bear Memes” I was too lazy to add any real substance to my story today. And pandas are always cute when they’re lazy. So I’m hoping my laziness is also cute. I barely (or should I write “bearly”? ) wanted to even blog.

I hate allergies.

Seasonal Allergies

I suffer from allergies.


Now is the time of year that allergies kick in full force. Kick me in the face full force!

I blame cottonwood! That shit is everywhere. It’s causing watery eyes, runny nose and respiratory issues. Every year I swear gets worse. Ah-Choo was a brief glimpse into my hatred of this season. Did I mention the white Cottonwood sea of misery that spreads across the roads and flies through the air?

The best way for me to survive (besides solitary confinement) is using Costco sized meds on these horrible days. Ugh.

Bring me more meds!

But I Like Beer…

I’m forty now and enjoy a cold beer on weekends and on vacations.  But that may soon be coming to an end.

I don’t drink much wine- but I do enjoy a white Zinfandel or sparkling wine in the summer.  I find that those pair nicely with fresh fruits.

Hard liquor seems to last forever in my home.  I was given a bottle of tequila back in March, and still haven’t cracked it.  Same with the Espresso Vodka given to us at the start of July.  I do enjoy a hint of Bailey’s or Kahlua in my coffee in the winter months.  But that’s a little treat to my self usually after a night shift.

Beer is still my “go to” alcohol.  But I am slowly cutting it out of my life it seems.  Many reasons factor into this:

  1. I don’t like hangovers.
  2. I don’t go out as much as I did twenty years ago.
  3. Beer isn’t cheap anymore.
  4. Alcohol gives me respiratory issues.

1. No one likes hangovers.  The time for hangovers is long gone.  Children and responsibilities are paramount these days.  Hangovers don’t mesh well with any of those.

2. Going out and drinking socially isn’t my thing.  I don’t watch sports, I don’t dance, I don’t sing karaoke, and I don’t like being drunk in public.  Having quality time with friends is awesome though.  So I make exceptions when I need to be around people.

An afternoon with a friend today.


3. Beer is getting expensive.  Craft beer is popular at the moment, with many tasting rooms popping up all around.  Of course Molson, Budweiser, & Coors are cheap-but they are mass produced and shipped worldwide.  These large corporations are slowing buying out the microbrews that have become popular over the past few years.  I find this unfortunate only because I prefer to help “the little guy” but I also understand that at some point their ultimate goal is to make money.  

A beer in one hand and an inhaler in the other.

4. As much as I enjoy the tastes of micro brews, I can only have small doses.  My allergies and asthma don’t appreciate fermentation in my system.  After two beers, I am feeling the effects in my breathing and my immune system.  After four beers- I am struggling to breathe and sound like I am suffering with a head cold.  I’m even worse when it comes to the heavy liquors like whiskey or rye.

In the end I need to decide if the suffering I go through is worth drinking or not.  I do enjoy the flavors being mixed in many craft beers these days.  But I do not enjoy the way my body feels afterwards.  Carrying an inhaler and a box of tissues isn’t my idea of fun.  
Oh well.  I’m feeling like a hypocrite as I finish tonight’s post while I sip on a glass of beer.  I’ll make my decision some other day.