My April Fools Joke

With everything going on in the world, it’s good to have some humor once in a while. And with today being April Fool’s Day, what better day to have some laughs? Since the kids are staying home due to the Covid19 epidemic, they have been enjoying not going to school. Time to change that.

I came home after my night shift at about 7am. I promptly went upstairs and woke up our two youngest teens. I told them they were late for school and it was time to get up. Naturally, they weren’t quite believing me as I rushed back down the stairs. A few seconds later, I hurriedly went back to their rooms and told them they had to get going.

My son rolled over in bed and flat out said, “There’s no school dad. Nice try.” My response was, “The school sent an email that it was back on.” And with that statement- it got him out of bed.

I kept them rushing around as I asked what they wanted for breakfast and in their lunches. Then I told them to pack their bags and instruments, because we were late for music class. That got my daughter confused and she rushed back upstairs. She passed my son as he was hurdling back down fully dressed. This must’ve lit a fire in her, because she was dressed and downstairs again within five minutes.

I had their breakfast at the table with a cup of coffee for each of them. I sat down across from them and joined them. That’s when my son asked about his other older sister and I lied saying she had to work and because of that commitment she would miss the first day back to school. My daughter then asked what’s going on. And I said, “It’s April First. You know what that means.”

You could see it click inside. “April Fools. Nice one dad.” And she laughed. My son complained that he should still be in bed for three more hours. At least I know now that the kids can hustle and be ready to leave in ten minutes.

This was a great “Dad Joke” April Fools Day prank.

King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime

No jokes, no gags, no pregnancy scares or fake news articles today.  In honor of April Fools Day, I wanted to reference a favorite music album from my past. Faith No More’s “King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime” was a big part of my life at one point.  The album itself flows from one song to the next like a short story being told.  The title song of the album was played on many crazy nights in my youth.  I used to think the album was about sex, alcohol, drugs, and rock & roll.  Now as I read the lyrics, it makes me wonder if perhaps they are an expression fearing religion or politics.  

Click on the picture to listen to the song on YouTube: 


King For A Day.

The lyrics, in case you needed to read them:

It is not a good day, if you are not looking good.

This is the best party that I’ve ever been to.

Today I asked for a god to pour some wine in my eyes.

Today I asked for someone to shake some salt on my life.


Everything’s spinning.

(We’re on the ground)

Never cheer before you know who’s winning.

(Don’t make a sound)

Sniff the glass and let it roll around on you tongue.

Let me introduce you to someone before the party is done.

Someone to look to in need or in want or in war.

If you give him everything, he may give you even more.

This is the best party I’ve ever been to.

Don’t let me die with that silly look in my eyes…