Weekend Haul

Here’s some of the fun stuff we got this weekend. These Conventions always mean souvenirs and fantastic art to come home with us. We already packed up some of the artwork safely for our drive home.

First off is a T-Shirt from Calgary Expo. A quick freebie for getting a bunch of stamps.

I got this cute pin from Anne Wheaton as she is here promoting her new book. I gave her a set of pink cosplay ears that reminded me of “Piggy” from her book.

My son bought a “Box of Mystery” from one of our artist friends. It contains some fan art stickers, magnets, and pins. Pretty cool for only $5! Sadly, it is our friend’s very last ever convention.

After our recent trip to Japan, we have had a renewed love of Studio Ghibli. I found an artist that makes glass with shadows over prints. So I had to buy one.

Lastly, my son worked hard helping me this weekend, so I picked up a Mudkip Pokémon for him. It’s rare for us to find this Pokémon, and he loves it.

As usual, we also traded some of my wife’s hats and such for other art. People love using the barter system. We all have a value that we put on our time and work. Sharing is a great way to create new friendships and showcase work.

Only one more day to go. Maybe more art is going to grace our home.


My wife’s first convention of the year is coming up soon.  She is busy sewing hats, cosplay ears and headbands in anticipation of the show.  My wife doesn’t always enjoy human interactions, so she likes it when I go as well.  I am generally a pretty good salesman when I’m on my “A” game.  She makes the products, I sell the products.  Go teamwork!

But she also doesn’t like me going with her for one simple reason: I want to spend all the money she makes.  Like c’mon!  We are with my people!  I need all of the geeky t-shirts, board games, props, and one-of-a-kind artwork!  

She has come up with a brilliant solution to the dilemma I have introduced.  She trades with other vendors/artists.  Usually dollar value for dollar value items.  This makes for some savvy gift giving later in the year.  My wife is pretty good at bartering.  I think it comes from her time living in Turkey before we met.

I’m just worried that one day, she may try and trade me for something of equal value.  Like a skateboard or an oar.  She’s already tried to volunteer my services to other people.  It’s only a matter of time…