Third Monday Of The Year

Hey folks. Welcome to the third Monday of the year. Also known as “Blue Monday” the most depressing day of the year.

Hey, at least we get it out of the way at the start of the year, am I right? Emotions are drained from a busy Holiday season, so the “Feeling Tank” is running on empty. Getting past this feeling can be challenging.

It also doesn’t really help as those bills from Christmas spending are now arriving. Hopefully you didn’t overdo it trying to people please last year. That can be tough, especially when you have children. If you’re like me- you just want the best for them. If you’re also like me, paying bills is a fact of life.

But once we get through today, it all gets better. More sun is on the way to brighten our days. Perhaps a pay raise or new job is on the horizon. Now that we are going into recharge mode, seeing friends and family only periodically will be healthy. The feeling of rushing around should be gone.

We’re all in this together. So let’s get passed Blue Monday for a brighter tomorrow.

Pay It Down

Once August is passed by, my paychecks seem to get bigger. All my taxes and Canadian Pension gets paid up for the year. It feels refreshing.

Today I paid off one credit card. That felt great. In two weeks I’ll be paying down another card. I figure by November I’ll be able to splurge a bit for Christmas. Although with the world the way it is, I may have to start ordering some gifts earlier for shipping.

I have always been the type of person who likes to pay bills as soon as they arrive. Not waiting until the due date. There are times that I will set the payment to come out on the day before the bill is due. Having access to online banking is one of the greatest things when watching your money.

I’m not good with money by any means. I honestly think our oldest is smarter with money than I am. She saves and squirrels away her hard earned cash for big ticket items. Like a laptop or schooling.

How are you with money? Ever feel the pinch of too many bills?

Mail Call

I picked up the mail today. It seems we are only getting it delivered every few days. I’m not ever expecting much to surprise me in the mail. Once in a while a package we order will show up. But we know of its arrival. Except a couple weeks back when the one day I didn’t check the mail, our community box got broken into. The gift we had ordered for our daughter’s birthday had been stolen.

That sucked. And it wasn’t possible to go out and replace the gift, because Quarantine and such. So our daughter went giftless for her 16th Birthday. Ugh. We were out $80 and felt awful.

Why couldn’t the thieves steal our bills and pay them? Do a good deed for the bad that they had done? Or something along those lines. I’m not getting a break financially from the Government or any of those bill collectors. I’m stuck paying my bills.

Our Hydro bill is up and so is our gas bill. We are running the dishwasher more often. Same with small appliances. And the heat is on more while everyone is home. Time for everything in the house to get shut down!!! No more lights. No more heat. No more Netflix.

Not going to happen. Perhaps we can limit our usage? Ugh. This adulthood and isolation stuff sucks more than ever after seeing those bills. I need to take my mind off these bills.

I wonder what’s in my Amazon wishlist?