What’s On Your Bucket List?

Normally I talk about myself in my blog. Sometimes at the end I ask if anyone wants to share in the comments, and I’ll get a few responses. But today I wanted to try something a bit different.

Today, I want to know more about all of you. I want to know one of the following two things. You can answer both if you wish.

  • Have you completed something important on your bucket list- and how did you do it?
  • What is on your bucket list and how do you plan on accomplishing it?

That’s it. Pretty simple questions. What I would like to find out is where people are getting their ambition to achieve their goals.

I am hoping that the answers will help other people in getting to their goals. Because we are all in this together and we need to cheer one another on! Please, do not be afraid to share your responses. I’d love to hear the answers.

Bucket List Places?

Once the restrictions on travel get lifted, will you be planning a vacation?

Personally, I think I’ll wait a bit. But I also realized that there is a great big world out there that I’ve missed out on already. I now want to see more of this planet than ever before. Mostly because I’m being told to stay home!

Of the vacations and travel I have done, the best times was spent with my family. We’ve taken our kids from California to Tokyo, Hawaii to Calgary. These are top of my lists- especially to travel to with kids/teens. I have now created a small list of places I still want to go to as a family. Now to figure out when to get there and how to afford it!

  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Czech Republic
  • Russia
  • Ireland
  • Road trip across Canada

The last one is what I’d love to do with my wife. Do a fun road trip in a camper van or small RV once we retire. Spend a few months just picking up and going everywhere we can. Plus if we’re on the move, it’ll feel like a grand adventure!

This summer we would like to be camping more than before. Not glamping. We’ve never done that, yet. Or we may just stay in our yard and live the best quarantine life we can! But I want to travel!!!

The Great Question

The answer to the Great Question… of Life,the Universe and Everything… is…


Today I turn Forty Two. My life has been pretty darned good so far. This year I am planning on making the most of my 42. First is my bucket list trip to Tokyo. I’ve always wanted to travel there since my childhood for many different reasons.

Next will be to meet a couple of my childhood icons at the Calgary Expo at the end of April: Paul Reubens and Wil Wheaton. I dressed as Pee-Wee one Halloween and I loved it. I almost had the opportunity to meet Wil Wheaton, but I chickened out. Not this time! I even wrote about it two years ago: One Day.

I’m also blessed with extra vacation time off this year. I am going to try and make the most of my time by relaxing and traveling. There is so much beauty to see and experience in the world. I may even venture off on my own without the family. Just because.

Here I am, age 42. It’s an important year to me. Not 40 or 45 just because they end in a five or zero. No midlife crisis planned either. Just enjoying 42 years of the earth’s rotation. Especially the last 17 years. Life has been full of off-set plans, like being married on a Tuesday just because. Or naming our first born daughter Random from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” series.

42 years of just trying to make my world a better place.

“Forty Two!”

“Is that all you’ve got to show for seven and a half million years’ work?”

I guess so.

Tune In Tokyo

Our trip to Tokyo hasn’t happened yet and it’s costing us a small fortune already. Some days I wish that my Bucket List travel destination was my backyard. I could afford that- except I’d want to landscape or build something. Like a shed or archery range or some other thing. Back to one of my bucket list destinations… Tokyo.

I really have no idea where my desire to see Tokyo stems from. Finally when I hit age 42- I will be there. I’m dragging my family along for the journey. As I said, it’s already more expensive than I want it to be. But if you’re going somewhere that is important to you, it makes sense to have it be memorable.

There are tours and places and food and culture that I need to see. I want to experience it all in the ten or so days that we will be there. Our planning is getting to be a lot of fun. As I mentioned before- Even our 11 year old is planning for our trip. It’s a family thing now. Getting ideas and opinions on what to see and do. It’s still very daunting.

Time to tune into what else Tokyo has to offer. Or at least browse the interwebs for anything unique or crazy that we could experience. Besides a random reference to an old movie.

Explore.  Dream.  Discover.

The one thing about life is that it has endless possibilities.  There is so much out there to experience, but precious few moments to achieve it.  As of late, my goals in life don’t involve owning everything my credit cards will allow me to purchase.  Instead I am trying to figure out how to do more traveling.

Only in the past few years, since doing road trips to Disneyland and various Comicons, have I gotten the travel bug.  We would add tiny adventures to our road trips in order to break up the monotony of just driving from Point A to Point B.  I often spoke with my wife about seeing more of the world, but we never really set any goals.  I’m hoping for that to change over the next few years.

I’m not ready to create a “Bucket List” quite yet.  But there are places I want to visit in the near future.  There’s no reason behind my choices, they’re just the places that seem interesting.

Is Totoro waiting for the catbus?

Japan: A friend of ours just returned from a trip to Japan and spoke fondly of it.  I would like to follow in her & her husband’s footsteps- see the countryside and experience Tokyo.  It is a place I’ve wanted to go for years.

The Amazon:  I have recently been doing some research and it’s a toss up between Brazil and Peru for this experience.  Maybe both?

This clock has always fascinated me.

Prague: My father defected from Czechoslovakia long ago… He never wanted us to see where he grew up, but from what I’ve seen it photos, it looks fantastic.

Germany: If we get out to Prague, Germany will be added to this trip.  My wife has been there numerous times and really wants me to experience the country.

Isn’t it Grand?

I’d love to check out more of Canada and the USA as well.  Here in North America there is so much more to explore than I could list… For example: seeing the sunrise at the Grand Canyon, checking out a show on Broadway in New York, partying it up at Mardis Gras in New Orleans, or attending The Burning Man festival in Nevada, perhaps one day staying at Hôtel de Glace in Quebec, or touring Peggy’s Cove lighthouse followed by a fresh lobster dinner in Nova Scotia… 

These are but a few of the ideas that popped into my head- mostly based on what my friends have seen and shared on their adventures.  If you’ve ever travelled to the many places I’ve listed, I would love some advice on what else to do or see.  Perhaps there is more of the world that I should see, but just don’t know about.  Hong Kong, Australia, Caribbean, Greenland, or any number of other countries have so much to offer.

There is so much of the world left for me to explore that I can hardly wait to begin.

Good advice.