First Attempt At Foam Pumpkin Carving

I love to carve pumpkins for Halloween. I often spend hours searching for designs and creating my pumpkins. I have been doing it for years now. Check out the links below to view some:

Pumpkins 2020

Stranger Things

Pumpkins 2018

Pumpkins 2017

Pumpkins pre-2016

I recently carved my first craft foam pumpkin. I always wanted to do a more permanent pumpkin that I can display yearly. Since I can spend anywhere from 3 to 8 hours carving a live pumpkin, why not have it last longer than a single season?

My wife requested that I do not do a “Fan Art” pumpkin. She wanted me to try and do something more classic and still a bit detailed. So I chose to make an owl- my favorite one as well. The Burrowing Owl. Owls are Halloween, right?

I used a black and white image online as the basis for my owl. I’m about 85% satisfied with the results. I can see what I can do differently next time. But since I have not worked with this style of pumpkin before, I’d say not bad for a first attempt. Next will be to see how it looks with a small LED light inside.

Have you worked with foam pumpkins before? Or do you prefer the real thing? Let me know in the comments or feel free to share pictures of your detailed pumpkins. I love to see what others create.


I mentioned last year around this time about how not into sports I am.  Don’t remember?  Read it here: Sports.

This year I ended up working on Super Bowl Sunday.  Which doesn’t mean much to me.  Except that I was unable to partake in drinking or deep fat fried food.  I did catch the end of the game and enjoyed a beer.

Super Bowl reminds me of how much I love owls.

That’s right.  Owls.  The greatest bird of prey ever.  I even shared a link about Cartoons that involved “The Hidden Life of The Burrowing Owl.”

Owls are the best.  You could even say superb.  If I could have any pet bird, an owl would be it.  I love Burrowing Owls.  Great Horned Owls are pretty amazing looking as well.  Those are my top two.  

We have barn owls in my neighborhood.  I’ve enjoyed watching them hunt over the years.  It’s so amazing to watch them attack rodents.  I can’t stand rats and mice.  I think we need to adopt an owl to rid our property of rodents.  Because owning a cat is just silly.

Owls would dominate over cats any day.  Plus they are much cuter when they kill rodents.  Ever witness an owl shred apart a rat?  Cats are too busy playing with their food.  

I really want an owl now.  I would name it Bernie the Burrowing Owl.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation about why I like owls.