The Days Between…

In North America there is a couple of days in July that feel lost and without fanfare.

July 2nd and 3rd.

These are the two days that fall between Canada Day and Independence Day. The celebrations on July 1st north of the border and on July 4th south of the border. Canadians and Americans share a huge border and those that live near it, such as myself, benefit from the ability to visit freely from one side to the other.

What should we do with those two days in between? We should create an official celebration between our two countries that lasts four days. Hear me out… Already many people extend their time off around one of these dates. Many of us have family and friends who live on either side of the border. Plus the number 23 in numerology contains elements of companionship, diplomacy, and teamwork energies. A perfect description of the camaraderie between our two countries.

Why not make it official? Call July 2 and 3rd The International Two-Three. A new holiday celebrating friendships. I’m on board and want to make posters now!

Canada Day

I am Proud that we have Canada Day. To me, being Canadian means being kind and polite. I’m glad that’s also how the world sees our country.

So today I implore you to go out to enjoy our glorious country. Meet people and smile. Smile so that the love you have in our glowing hearts spreads far and wide.

May your celebrations be lighthearted and full of friendships!

Happy Canada Day!

Proudly Canadian

Happy Canada Day!

I’m fortunate to call Canada my home. My family is also quite happy about it. As great as it is to travel to other countries, coming back to the “land of the free” is always reassuring. This is a great country with wonderful people residing here.

I always try and do something “Canadian” on Canada Day. Sometimes I go to a parade, eat poutine or drink Molson Canadian. Other times it’s hanging out with friends at a BBQ drinking Molson Canadian. Today I am doing the most Canadian thing I can think of- instead of drinking beer and watching hockey. I am going to work at CN Rail aka Canadian National.

How ever you are celebrating today- have fun and behave. Our polite reputation relies on it.

Happy Canada Day!

150 Years/150 Reasons

Happy Canada Day!

Canada is celebrating 150 years of being a country today.  So I’m going to share 150 reasons I love Canada (in no particular order).

  1. The natural beauty of this country.
  2. Free health care.
  3. Our flag.
  4. Our national anthem.
  5. Our Prime Minister.
  6. Our diverse culture.
  7. Bilingual schooling.
  8. Immigration laws.
  9. British Columbia.
  10. Alberta.
  11. Saskatchewan.
  12. Manitoba.
  13. Ontario.
  14. Quebec.
  15. Newfoundland.
  16. New Brunswick.
  17. Nova Scotia.
  18. Prince Edward Island.
  19. Yukon.
  20. Nunavut.
  21. North West Territories.
  22. The Northern Lights.
  23. The Rocky Mountains.
  24. Trans Canada Highway.
  25. The prairies.
  26. Lakes.  Lots of lakes.
  27. The nicer side of Niagra Falls.
  28. Hells Gate.
  29. Okanagan Wineries.
  30. Whistler.
  31. Snow blowers.
  32. Snow.
  33. Ice.
  34. I can go swimming in the ocean and skiing on the mountain within a couple of hours.
  35. Newfies.
  36. Québécois.
  37. CN Rail.
  38. Our gun laws.
  39. Peace.
  40. Freedom.
  41. The RCMP.
  42. Walkie-talkies.
  43. Peanut butter invented in Canada.
  44. Poutine.
  45. Ketchup Potato Chips.
  46. Our colourful money.
  47. Canadian Tire Money.
  48. No pennies.
  49. Loonies.
  50. Toonies.
  51. Touque.
  52. Toboggan.
  53. Igloos.
  54. Winter Olympics.
  55. Hockey. 
  56. Basketball.
  57. Zippers.
  58. Beavers.
  59. Moose.
  60. BC Salmon.
  61. Otters.
  62. Killer Whales.
  63. Canada Goose.
  64. Polar Bears.
  65. Log Rider’s Waltz.
  66. Winnie the Pooh.
  67. Superman.
  68. Politeness.
  69. I’m sorry.
  70. Eh?
  71. Timbits.
  72. Lumber.
  73. Natural gas.
  74. Hollywood North.
  75. CBC.
  76. The Friendly Giant.
  77. Mr. Dressup.
  78. The Raccoons.
  79. Fred Penner.
  80. Raffi.
  81. Just For Laughs.
  82. Kids in the Hall.
  83. SCTV.
  84. Bob and Doug 
  85. Some of the greatest comedians.
  86. Some of the greatest actors.
  87. Some of the greatest singers.
  88. Some of the strangest news articles.
  89. IMAX
  90. Molson Canadian.
  91. Real Beer (that’s not water).
  92. Glacier water.
  93. Pop.
  94. The metric system.
  95. The Pacific Ocean.
  96. The Atlantic Ocean.
  97. Santa lives in Canada.
  98. Lax marijuana laws.
  99. The Maple Leaf.
  100. Maple syrup.
  101. Nanaimo Bars.
  102. Split Pea Soup.
  103. Beaver Tails.
  104. Alberta Beef.
  105. Kraft Dinner.
  106. Montreal Steak Spice.
  107. Montreal Smoked Meat.
  108. Smoked salmon.
  109. Red Rose Tea.
  110. Coffee Crisp.
  111. Crispy Crunch.
  112. Girl Guide Mint Cookies.
  113. Kinder Surprise Eggs aren’t illegal…
  114. PEI Potatoes.
  115. Yukon Gold Potatoes.
  116. Hudson’s Bay.
  117. Air Canada.
  118. The Rocky Mountaineer.
  119. Postal Codes.
  120. Vulcan, Alberta.
  121. Drumheller, Alberta.
  122. Calgary Expo.
  123. Vancouver.
  124. Victoria.
  125. Calgary.
  126. Halifax.
  127. Montreal.
  128. Toronto.
  129. Friendly border guards.
  130. We are proud to display our flag as we travel.
  131. Bathtub races.
  132. Expo Ernie.
  133. Giant rubber duck.
  134. Inflatable beavers.
  135. Canadarm.
  136. Chris Hadfield- making space travel cool again.
  137. Best sushi around.
  138. Real Canadian Superstore.
  139. President’s Choice brand.
  140. 75% of the world’s mustard.
  141. Trivial Pursuit.
  142. 2-4.
  143. 26er.
  144. Insulin is a Canadian invention.
  145. Neighbours.
  146. Colour.
  147. Favourite.
  148. Zed.
  149. My friends.
  150. My family.

All of this and more helps to define what I feel makes Canada a great place to live. Happy 150th Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

As much as I like most of my American neighbors: I am a proud Canadian.  Canada is celebrating 149 years of being a country this year.

A few years ago Molson Canadian would made some fantastic commercials celebrating the greatness of being Canadian.

I know this place is where I am,

No other place is better than.

No matter where I go I am,

Proud to be Canadian!
I am, you know I am, I am Canadian!

I am, you know I am, I am Canadian!

Come on!

I love this country where I am,

This land is where I make my stand.

No other heart is truer then,

The one we call Canadian!

Here are my favorite videos from back then:  CLICK ON THE LINKS TO VIEW THEM

Proud to Be Canadian
My name is Joe & I am Canadian

And of course, William Shatner is Canadian and proud of it: William Shatner is Canadian

I’m going to celebrate with my family locally by visiting Fort Langley, BC.  Be good to each other and have a great Canada Day!


Fort Langley